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Rebuilding Santa Rosa Together

Our team lives and works in Santa Rosa. Too many of our families, friends, and associates were affected by the fires of October 2017. There was much sadness and shock but there was also much love and support from the entire community and the world.

Coffey Park was one of the most affected areas and now it is time to rebuild. Together, we can and will rebuild Coffey Park even better than it once was!

We are ready to help you rebuild not just your house, but your home and life, and we will be there along the way to guide you through the process.

American Pacific Builders, Inc. can quickly obtain the engineered house plan for your specific home in Coffey Park and manage the entire rebuilding process for you. We can handle all of the following for our customers:

  • Permit approval
  • Debris removal
  • Code upgrades
  • Finishing selection
  • Home construction
  • Building inspections
  • Landscaping and more

We have extensive experience working with insurance companies, lenders, and governmental agencies. In addition, thanks to our many years of working in Santa Rosa and the North Bay, we have excellent contacts in logistic places like the various permit departments. This enables us to move quickly through permits and start the building process with less delay.

Our mission is to get you and your family back into a new beautiful home as quickly as possible. We know you have suffered a great loss and we hope that you will select our team to build your new home.

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Building in the Wine County

We have been a Sonoma County builder and developer for 35+ years. We have built hundreds and hundreds of homes, mostly in Sonoma and Kings Counties.

If you are a part of a homeowner or neighborhood association that is seeking to rebuild in bulk using pre-defined architectural plans in an effort to be more expedient and economical in the recovery of your community, then American Pacific Builders, Inc. is your builder of choice.

If you are an investor or land developer and want to create a subdivision to contribute much-needed housing in Sonoma County, then rest assured that American Pacific Builders, Inc. possesses a near foolproof template for the success of your project from beginning to completion.

If you are looking for a more customized option when rebuilding your home, look no further. Simply contact our team of experts at (707) 595-3370.

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